Our Story

Madam Glam offers certified Vegan Gel Polish by Vegan.org, Hema-Free* Gel Polish, Cruelty-Free Gel Polish, 21-Free Gel Polish, Palm Oil Free Gel Polish and Gluten-Free nail and gel polishes. We have more than 1,800 gels and 500+ shades available and are launching new colors every month! 

Madam Glam is a New York City based start-up beauty brand founded in 2014!

Madam Glam was founded with a rebellious mind and a lofty objective: to create salon-quality, carefully sourced nail and gel polishes. We decided to bring together a community of passionate nail specialists to build your favorite one stop shop for all things nails.

This decision came from our desire to consider the well-being of our customers. “To compromise” was never the answer!

We have a simple offer: beautiful and quality products at an affordable price; for beauty addicts who love to discover new products every month!

Be careful because you'll get addicted fast! Who Is Madam Glam? Simply, your best friend! And as a friend, it:

  • SPOILS you: by offering you amazing deals to get your favorite products at extraordinary prices!
  • CARES for you: by completely being dedicated to providing the best customer service ever! You don’t like a color? Just send it back! No questions asked! You want to be the first one to be notified when a Color is in stock? Send us an email and we will save one of the Color for you as soon as we have it back in stock!
  • SHARES with you: by regularly sending you awesome nail tutorials, how-to and nail art videos, and by keeping you updated and inspired on social media.
  • NEVER CEASES TO SURPRISE you: by releasing new products 10 times faster than any other brand and adding colors every month exclusively on our website.
  • LISTENS to you: by ensuring that you’ll always love everything that you order on our website. That’s why we never keep a product online if more than 2% of our customers are not 100% satisfied with it!

 *All gel polishes are Hema-Free. Madam Glam’s mission is to provide you with the healthiest products in the nail industry, so your glamorous nails can enjoy only the best.